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Fascinated by pottery.

One of many facts about me. I don’t remember when it started. Perhaps during childhood when most people enjoy molding clay. From a young age I think I loved the idea of something that existed only in my brain taking on a real form I could see, smell, and touch. Then others could see it too. Something of who I am made visible.

In my elementary school years an all time favorite Christmas present was a small battery operated pottery wheel from Toys-R-Us. I felt like a real artist with my own studio. Whoever thought of buying it for me was right on target. I absolutely loved it.

Fast forward to the teen years. A family vacation with parents and older sisters in the mountains of North Carolina. We visited a pottery studio and after watching the owner give a demonstration I felt inspired.

The clay and water running over her fingers. Holding her hands steady and in just the right position to bring the shape she wanted to life. Hearing details of the long process she would take this new creation through to get the end result she wanted.

Sanctification. That’s what it reminded me of. The lifelong process of God conforming me to the image of His Son. I didn’t know that big word back then because I was young in my faith. But I did identify the imagery as the work God had begun in my life.

With youthful passion, I wrote a poem/song about God “putting my life on His Potter’s Wheel.” I mailed it to the the potter whose demonstration I watched, sharing the gospel and God’s work in my life. She mailed a kind letter back a few weeks later, saying thank you and that I should write hymns or something.

Since another facet of my personality is loathing doing anything musical in public, I picked “or something” —using my words as a gift to bring glory to Jesus and help others. Somehow I knew God wanted that. Because He created me I also wanted it.

I actually started writing at a very young age. God added the arts and creativity to my DNA. Older Chrissy hopes no one ever discovers those early writings by younger Chrissy. I had so much to learn about everything (still do), but I don’t remember caring at the time because I needed an outlet to express how God was changing me.

I’m a work in progress. That’s why I chose the tagline you see on this blog.

I’m not really sure all God has in mind for me. But there have been plenty of moments of feeling discipline when His hands form something new or His Word points out an ugly area He starts scraping off. Sometimes I feel His pleasure with new things He has created in me. Whether discipline or pleasure, I know I am unconditionally accepted, forgiven, and loved by my Creator.

Every great potter has the right instruments to make exactly what he wants. God uses everything in our lives in the process of conforming us to Jesus’ image. But the refining process He appointed for me usually seems to involve Marriage, Motherhood, Miscarriage, and Cross Cultural Work. These, and eventually a few other categories, will be the framework for the pieces of my heart I choose to share.

You are being molded too, friend, and we are on this adventure together.

In the lifelong transformation of changing expectations and becoming what God created us to be, I hope my stories encourage you. Whether you are feeling God’s discipline or pleasure in this moment, or both, remember the Father’s love for you is eternal and deep. (And please remember He disciplines those He loves as a good Father disciplines His children).

We have His full love and acceptance even though we are not yet complete.

That is why this process of Sanctification. We are His treasured creation and He will fulfill His design for our lives. We have an expected end and future hope.

©2017 Chrissy Winslow – All Rights Reserved

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