Love Meets the Unexpected

A man returns to the kitchen after checking the mail to tell his wife their AARP cards have arrived. She’s sitting at the table with a cup of tea and a stunned expression.

“Honey I’m pregnant”

For the first time. After all these years. Didn’t see that coming.

A young woman sitting on the living room couch, engrossed in bridal magazines is startled when someone appears, tells her she’ll be a pregnant virgin, raise God’s son, and then disappears.

At first her fiancee isn’t buying it, but eventually gets on board after having a dream confirming the situation. Before now there have never been wedding vows of, “in sickness, in health, in sudden divine pregnancies…”

I’m imagining how the early chapters of the gospels might look today. The love and marriage stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth and of Joseph and Mary.

I’m reading the genealogies wishing for a book of stories about each couple with the good, bad, ugly, and humorous of what their lives were like. How they came to be together.

God used each successive generation to work out His plan for the line of the Messiah. The big picture.

Throughout Scripture we get a few glimpses into the lives of some couples. Smaller pictures. Moments of blessing, hardship, and bewilderment as God weaves them into His design for history.

I’ve taken Bible and theology courses, but honestly I don’t completely understand how God works the everyday circumstances of our lives into His plan. But from His word and knowing His faithfulness to others and myself, I know all our moments matter to Him. He is actively present and we’re never lost from His sight. He’s sovereign and trustworthy.

What about your stories of love and marriage? Everything you expected? Or not?

If your relationship is like most there have been successful plans mixed with a whole lot of surprises. Life is unpredictable.

If my marriage were a portrait package the story I intended to share today would be a 5×7 print. Not something we’d hang on the wall to define what our family situation is, but also not a wallet size to take out occasionally.

5×7 moments are on the window sill or side table. They matter and have significance enough to be part of our daily lives, but they’re not the whole story.

I wanted to begin the miscarriage category today. Miscarriages have been an unexpected part of our story.

I love our babies dearly. We love being there for others who experience miscarriage and pregnancy loss. As much as possible we want to use our experiences to educate and encourage the body of Christ in coming alongside people who experience these losses. Especially after knowing the blessing of those who understood how to walk with us through those times and other “help” we wish we’d never received.

While preparing to write it occurred to me that extended bedrest, miscarriage, and pregnancy loss has a huge impact on who we are as a couple, but it’s not us. It’s something bad that happened to us, but there is more in our story.

Our relationship will continue to be filled with blessing, hardship, and occasional bewilderments of God’s plan unfolding. There will be new celebrations and growth in knowing each other more. We’ll have the work and rewards of guiding our daughter as we watch her grow. Experiencing God, new people, and places together as He weaves our story with others’.

I can’t see how Daniel and I fit into the big picture of God’s plan. But the smaller moments we share together are worth celebrating. Even the bad ones because God uses those to work needed change in us.

I will write about other parts of our story because they matter. But for right now I want to remember what Daniel and I have together, look back in thanksgiving, and move forward with trust in God’s sovereignty.

When I next write in this category I want to honor God’s faithful work in our marriage by sharing some endearing, funny, and memorable moments.

I love you Daniel.

©2017 Chrissy Winslow – All Rights Reserved

Some Books that Daniel and I have enjoyed reading together:

-Over the next few months we are trying to read New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp together over coffee before waking up our daughter

Men and Women: Enjoying the Difference by Larry Crabb

What Did You Expect: Redeeming the Realities of Marriage by Paul David Tripp

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