Finding Quiet

She was sitting in the middle of the road on a chilly November morning.

In some countries this wouldn’t be a good decision, but in our little community in South Asia it was okay.

Actually, getting dressed, wrapping in a blanket, and warming up in the sun on a paved road was a great idea–especially when living in a drafty, concrete house without heat.

Wearing a thick, handwoven robe sewn in the pattern of her culture’s dress, she washed her hair in the front yard. A bucket full of water, tiny foil packet of shampoo, and a plastic cup for rinsing. Easy, with no mess inside the house. After combing out her long, graying hair and weaving it into intricate braids, she settled onto the sun warmed pavement.

I always passed her house during the time she washed her hair so I was familiar with her routine up to this point, but running a few minutes late one Sunday morning gave me the opportunity to see another part of her life.

Tossing drying braids over her shoulders and wrapping her small frame in a blanket, she placed the hairbrush on the road and picked up a bible. Swaying gently, she hummed the hymns of her language and took her time reading the New Testament.

This happened regularly– her own way of connecting with her Creator.

Sometimes she read and sang for hours and sometimes only a few minutes.

My way looks different, but through my circumstances and culture, I also connect with my Creator. I need times of solitude with my Redeemer and Source of life.

I want to practice the daily discipline of being in God’s word, but I also need extended times of quiet. They can’t happen daily.  Sometimes not even weekly, depending on our family’s schedule. But every month a few quiet hours of reflection, rest, and silence with my Creator is renewing.

My husband is running a 13 mile loop up and down an enormous hill as I type this, because that’s one way he finds quiet. I’m sitting at the kitchen table alone, listening to the dryer.

We’ve just returned to Asia this week and we’re staying in temporary housing. After our family moves this weekend I’ll have to learn what quiet looks like for me in our new life situation and when it can happen.

Whether it happens in your home, on a nature trail, in a coffee shop or public library, I hope during each month, you make time for some quiet hours in solitude to connect with God.

©2017 Chrissy Winslow – All Rights Reserved



2 thoughts on “Finding Quiet

  1. mike Padgett

    Thank you Chrissy. I enjoyed this devotional. This Thanksgiving season we have had a lot of time to be quiet. We had our Thanksgiving early with her family and they are now out and about visiting other parts of the family. God bless you all.

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