Shajan. Crossing Cultures. Friendship in Layers.

Thinking of this as we get to know people in our new community.

“It’s a sin for me to kill anything so a belief based on something or someone being sacrificed is hard for me to understand”

“If I believe and my family does not we will be separated in the afterlife”

We had finally reached the heart of Shajan’s barriers to believing in Jesus. It had taken years. There are more nuances of South Asian culture revealed in his statements than I have time to explain.

The desire to believe was there and had been for a while—long before we met him.
God had been at work in his life since childhood. So many people had shared the history and love of Creator God’s revelation of Himself to humanity. Shajan had heard the life and mission of Jesus so many times, he used completely accurate illustrations from the Bible to help us learn sentence structures as we studied South Asian language. He…

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