Crazy Shools & Triangle Sandwiches

Today while all three of us were in the truck my daughter looked up from a movie on the iPad™ to say, “Dad these sub-tights (subtitles) are driving me crazy. Can you turn them off?”

My mind dove into “Things Eva Said” memories and I wondered if I could possibly choose a favorite.  

I couldn’t, so here are some of the highlights.

Toddler Stage:

  • Adding an extra “ing” to verbs: 

“Are you cryin-ing? You sad?” 

“What are you doin-ing? 

  • “E is for Haati. H-h-h Haati”

She sang this to the first alphabet song she learned. It began “A is for apple, A-A-A Apple” and continued with “B for Ball,” “C for Cat,” and so on. But when the song arrived at “E is for Elephant,” she always substituted the South Asian word for elephant; “Haati”

I guess it was language coding for little kids. 

Preschool Stage: 

  • “Westernott” (restaurant).

“I want to eat to my favorite westernott.”

She usually said “to” instead of “at” when she was three years old.

  • Singing lyrics from her favorite song, The Show, by Lenka© :

       – “My heart is going to pok (pop)”

       – “I’m a shool (fool) out of love…”

At this stage of our lives, her father usually commented, “crazy shools” when he saw people acting silly. 

Kindergarten & Elementary:  

  • We were driving through the Southwestern USA when her father said, “I have a frog in my throat.”

From the back came an accusatory, sarcastic retort: “That’s a lie.”

The stage when kids take everything literally is hilarious. Sometimes. 

  • After watching Fellowship of the Ring© (minus the orks because we like to sleep at night) :

    “I get it. Good hobbits are things like eating healthy and exercising. Like Frodo and Sam. Bad hobbits are picking your teeth in public or biting your nails.”

When she’s this happy about a new discovery, sometimes it’s best just to agree with her in the moment and explain later. We did 🙂

  • One day after school in the second grade:

“Mom, Pantheritis is a serious illness.”


“Maybe it’s Leoparditis.

“Do you mean leprosy?”

“Yes. That one. It’s really bad.”

  • During the phase she enjoyed saying, “That was awkward”:

At a fast food drive through Eva excitedly insisted:

“Pull up to the window! I totally know that person!”

We pulled up to the window and a confused stare crossed her face. It was followed by a brief silence, then:

“Oh. I don’t know him. Well, this is awkward.”

  • My husband walking into the kitchen for breakfast:

“The cats usually smell the food and run in here. Where are they?”

“I accidentally dropped a plastic cup on the floor and they ran for the hills.”

Eva laughing as if that was the most ridiculous thing she’d ever heard:

“Mom! That doesn’t even make sense! The door’s closed. They can’t even get outside!”

  • Telling someone the name of her father’s favorite show:

“Dad’s favorite show is Canadians in Cars, Getting Coffee.”

She meant Comedians in Cars, Getting Coffee©.

  • And finally, we have the most recent of the “Shower Interruptions.” 

   (If you have experience caring for children, you definitely know what these are):

…At the exact moment I really needed to rinse soap from my eyes, I heard the door open…

“Mom can I have a triangle sandwich?”

“Yes. Ask your dad for help.”

…a minute later…

“Mom! Dad doesn’t understand what a triangle sandwich is!”

“Tell him it’s a ketchup and mayo sandwich. A sprinkle of sea salt. No crust. Cut it in half so that both sides are triangles.”


…soon after…

“Mom! He still needs help making it right. Can you do it instead?”

“Sure. (sigh). Give me five minutes.”

Even though I sighed, I love being the only one in our home who can make proper triangle sandwiches. According to my family, my skill set for triangle sandwich making is impressive. 

And there you have it. Some of my favorite “Things Eva Said” memories. 

Thanks for reading!

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©2018Chrissy Winslow – All Rights Reserved


  • I’ve included a link to the song I mentioned. It was one of my daughter’s favorites during her toddler & preschool years. It was popular in our area of the world at the time so she heard it almost everywhere our family went:

        My daughter and I enjoy watching some of the Kids React© challenges so I included  a link for one we like.

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