Expect Change. Live in Hope. Part 1

Dear International Worker,   

When it comes to your life and work, plan well and be wise. Continue your training. Draw from your experiences and resources. Do all of this. It’s smart. 

But don’t forget that change, transition, and the unexpected will increasingly be part of the lifestyle you’ve chosen. Even though you’ll never know what change will look like or when it will happen, it’s something you can count on. It makes sense to expect lots of it when you set up life outside of your passport country. 

Your family will grow and enter new seasons of life. Because of events in the world, in your host country, your organization, or in your family, the way you live and work may change more often than you’d expect. There will be be a constant flux of new workers arriving in your host country and moving away, so the way you operate in friendships and work relationships will be different every year—sometimes more often. From what I’ve experienced and observed, team dynamics are always changing. 

Life is unpredictable. 

A few things will stay the same, but most things won’t. Not even you. 

But don’t forget God is active and present in every part of your story. While you can count on change, you can’t predict the future or constantly worry about it. You have to be fully present in your life or you’ll miss out on all the goodness happening right in front of you. So make choices and plan your way. Trust that God will be working to determine your steps. What God is doing in the world, in your life, with the choices you make, and with the changes that come your way— somehow all of it works together. We don’t have to understand it completely to trust two significant, recurring themes in His word: 

“I am with you” 

“Don’t be afraid.”

Let your heart be committed to Him—more than to your plans. Trust God when change happens so that no matter what you feel you can make decisions based on truth. It may take time, but change can become a catalyst to help you learn to thrive in all kinds of situations.

©2018Chrissy Winslow – All Rights Reserved


I’ll share the second half of this post next week 🙂


I appreciate this article very much:

Are You a Resilient Missionary? by Sarita Hartz. 



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