Not Alone <3

If you’d like to read some of my stories about Motherhood, Miscarriage, & Changing Expectations, look at my book on Amazon (available in Print or Kindle)~


My short book is set in the beautiful countries and cultures of the Himalayas ❤

It is full of funny stories, with some sad moments and all the other stuff of life that happens in between. It highlights a lovely culture of the world.

If you know someone who is struggling after Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage, please feel free to give them my blog address for the Miscarriage Category at

I am slowly working on another short book for families who have experienced Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss, and for the family and friends who want to know how to help them. I’ve had travel and two unexpected minor medical issues this month, so I will be releasing the new book later then planned. I will keep you updated. Thanks so much for reading!

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