Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care For, Author & Family Therapist Ulrika Ernvik

I am excited to recommend a wonderful TCK resource to you! It will be available on Amazon in June.

I attended a book release party this week for author and family therapist Ulrika Ernvik as she introduced her new book Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care For.

Author Ulrika Ernvik, Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care For

Here is more of the author’s story from The Well International   where she serves:

“Ulrika is Swedish, but spent a significant part of her childhood as the daughter of missionaries to Congo. These years as a missionary kid (MK), as well as her experience as the mother of five MKs during her eight years in Thailand, have given her a heart to serve MKs and their families. Besides meeting with missionary families for counselling, spiritual direction and healing prayer, Ulrika provides a wide variety of engaging, interactive workshops to help families and mission organizations better care for their children and has been an advocate for whole-family care within the mission community for several years. Ulrika also maintains a helpful website full of ideas and resources: (English and Swedish included).”

I met the author, talked with her for a few minutes, then listened to her describe her desire and intentions for the book to the attendees of the book release party. We were all  given the opportunity to participate in several of the activities outlined in Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care ForEach activity was thoughtful and represented the author’s years of experience, love, and research.


I’ve been wishing for a solid resource to help me love and minister to my own TCK as she  processes her journey.  I want to say, with deep appreciation, this is the book TCK’s, their parents, sending churches, and sending organizations have been waiting for.  The author described her book as a gift families can carry with them throughout their overseas journey: in preparation, during life on the field, and in the transition back to the passport country.  I wholeheartedly agree– it is a gift for TCK’s and all who participate in their lives in significant ways.

The wisdom shared in this book, as well as the dedicated work of Ulrika Ernvik, has already brought guidance, healing, and joy to the lives of many TCK’s and their families around the world.

Order your copy of Third Culture Kids: A Gift to Care For through Amazon in June 2019.


*shared with permission of Ulrika Ernvik


See the author’s website for more insightful resources: (English and Swedish included)



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