You Can Leave

Dear International Worker, 

You can leave. 

If you decide the host country you are serving in is no longer a place you want to be, it’s okay to go. 

Before I cause an ultra spiritual person to faint from shock, let me go into more detail. 

I am not suggesting you throw in the towel just because you’ve had a bad day or have endured a difficult season. Challenges are not necessarily reasons to call it quits anywhere in the world, because they are certain to come to everyone in many forms. Being in a situation that stretches you, though uncomfortable, is not always a negative thing. 

I am also not suggesting you leave in an irresponsible manner. While you will not tie up all the loose ends perfectly, try to plan well in order to be sensitive to your needs, the needs of your family, and the needs of those you are leaving behind. Most certainly there be will difficulties for you and people you leave behind, but that cannot be the only factor in your decision of whether to stay. 

I want to explore what God’s call (two words that tend to either be freeing or paralyzing in the Christian vocabulary) on your life ultimately is, because changing location or vocation cannot cause someone to “abandon” it.  I want to think about some indicators that could mean it might be time to consider a change. 

Keep in mind I’m not writing a life manual for your decision making process. This will be a few blog posts from someone who wants to share her experiences and God’s faithfulness. I decided to leave my host country a few years ago and found God was still redemptive and present on the other side of my decision. He loved me through each mistake and success in the process of leaving, arriving, and learning to live again in a new place.

 I found, once again, that God’s will (two more big words in the Christian vocabulary) is not the bullseye of a target I must hit exact center or be resigned to living a substandard life. We’re not living on a tight rope while God watches from the sidelines, holding his breath to see whether we fall. There is grace. There is God’s work in and through you that will continue no matter where on earth you go or what new endeavors you undertake. 

I’ll continue this topic next week. 

I pray you are encouraged. 

Thanks for reading. 

❤ , 


©2019 Chrissy Winslow – All Rights Reserved

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