Social Distancing in My Garden

I usually have a schedule for blog entries that involves serious editing, planning, etc.

But for a little while now we have been practicing social distancing because of the Covid19 pandemic. Daily life looks different, so my posts will be different as well.

Most everyone in our city is practicing social distancing.  While it’s not easy, our family wants to do our part in protecting the health of our wonderful community and the neighbors we love. Most of you around the world are doing the same because you love your communities as well. Thank you.

My husband is teaching his classes online indefinitely until his school reopens and my child is doing school online. When I can catch a few spare moments, I’m writing for an organization whose work I truly appreciate. It’s a blessing I didn’t anticipate having this year, but I’m loving it and learning so much.  I will share about it in the next few days.

This indefinite time for our family to stay home all day in close proximity– it’s challenging– helping with online school, trying to do our own work, taking care of our home, plus the mental stress of thinking about where life in our world is headed…it’s a lot.

There are also moments when we’re able to relax and enjoy our time together.

There is so much grief, sadness and uncertainty because of this virus and my heart goes out to everyone affected by it. I’m sure you understand and are dealing with many of the same issues of staying home and mulling over thoughts of the future.

But what I want to share in this new category– that I never planned on having 🙂  –are  things I’m enjoying about life during social distancing. I have no intentions of anything I share being instructive for you— a “should’ve , could’ve, would’ve ” opinionated guide about how your attitudes, decisions, and lives should be during this uncertain time. Because I certainly am learning as I go.

I simply want to share what is bringing me joy and sanity for this indefinite period of social distancing in the hopes that readers find a little bit of encouragement and joy. I hope in the comments you’ll share your new ideas and joys as well.

Today I want to share pictures and brief descriptions of the plants I’m taking care of in my yard. Tending plants, watching growth, pulling on gardening gloves, sweating, weeding, and digging with a spade, have provided focus and stress relief I’m able to enjoy daily. It gets me out in the sun and allows me to wave at my neighbors across the street who also love gardening. We can’t stand close and talk, but we like watching each others’ outdoor work. It brings a unique enjoyment and camaraderie I’m trusting to deepen our relationships later.

Here are my pictures:

This is one of my neighbors’ many banana plants. Sometimes when I bake a dessert I share with them. They occasionally share their bananas with us. I love watching the bananas grow and often take pictures from our side of the wall. These neighbors are amazing gardeners and honestly I think they could grow anything. I learn a lot from them.


This is my mint. It’s fun to have for teas and other recipes. Over the next few pictures you will see little white rocks with hearts in my plants. Before I drew the hearts on the rocks, my husband said it looked like I was decorating all my plants with easter eggs. 91304414_249623049407139_6252780356370432000_n

Ahhh the rosemary ❤  Wonderful to throw into stews, soups, marinades, meat rubs, teas, and almost anything. Supposedly a natural snake deterrent. I hope so. We do have many snakes in this wonderful part of the world. Thankfully a neighborhood cat enjoys dropping by to hunt them. I’m super nice to that cat. 91264178_203644511074006_5949007421287432192_n

My lovely cacti. I’ve always loved cacti. They actually have names. The first is Gaél and the second is Pápi.


This is Pickle. Pickle was given to me by my friend and neighbor who lives a few houses away. I gave her a small cactus, too. It’s nice to be able to say I have a friend who I had a cactus exchange with. She also grows cacti and our kids enjoy hanging out (well…before the new social distancing phenomenon). I think we miss each other. Somehow that feels nice. 91340145_167412384354602_1902425784891473920_n

The first plant here is an orchid that was dying in my husbands classroom shortly before the social distancing thing began. Now it’s doing fairly well. I hope to see it bloom. The second is a small aloe vera I’ve had all kinds of trouble caring for. It seems to stay little so I call it Miguelito. The third is turmeric I’ve just planted. I use turmeric weekly for a few things. 92010588_1605760339578931_3914926655251939328_n

This is the poinsettia my husband stuck in the ground in our back yard and it just keeps living. I’m really happy about that since I don’t water it often or take care of it well. It’s in an area of the yard where I’ve seen several snakes. I have this strange looking “snake scaring” routine I do with a rake and watering can when I venture out to it. I don’t care whether I look strange doing it since we have many venomous snakes in this part of the world. Plus I’m sure my neighbors crack up watching me go out to water this– so there’s the entertainment value for them.  91161754_213939689706977_4021467957593899008_n

The first three–these plants grow very well in the median on the main road. And with very little care. So I was hopeful I could grow some myself and so far it’s been great. The purple one started as a tiny sprig given to my child several years ago by her teacher. Now it’s blossomed into a thriving, beautiful plant that blooms with pink flowers every morning. It reminds me of how my child has grown in healthy ways since we’ve moved here and is thriving. So thankful for that.



Thanks for taking a tour of my plants! Below I’ll share a site I love visiting when I have questions about caring for a new plant.

Has gardening or yard work been a good thing for you during this time? If so, let me know how in the comments and what you’re working on 🙂  Maybe we can help each other out with our plants.

I pray you are encouraged.

❤ ,



  • I like to check the gardening category on this site when I get a new plant or begin a new outdoor project:








One thought on “Social Distancing in My Garden

  1. Hilary Gill

    That is one thing we can do during quarantine! My garden is more weeded and pruned than ever before! Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush are coming out – not as many as most years for some reason. I pruned off side branches from the Trumpet vine on the back patio in hopes that it will work on growing taller and FINALLY reach the pergola overhead. It’s only been 3 but now I have discovered the secret of WATERING it REGULARLY. Your slow but persistent friend!


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