Easy, Healthy Recipes (starting w/ chicken strips)

A little over one year ago I contracted Lyme Disease and it changed my life. I felt exhausted most of the day, could not stop sweating, had intense joint pain, and experienced overwhelming feelings of depression. I researched the subject of Lyme thoroughly and found that since my case was diagnosed quickly, I had a good chance of recovery if I started the antibiotic regimen immediately. Of course I was going to do that, but I also wanted to discover what role nutrition could play in recovery. The more I read, I saw that cutting dairy, gluten, and sugar from my diet for a few months would aid my efforts. At first I wasn’t so excited because I loved greek yogurt and chocolate (though not together 🙂 ).  But when my wrists, hips, and knees were in so much pain, it didn’t take much convincing.

After a few months of eating this way and an intense antibiotic regimen that lasted longer than I was comfortable with, but was necessary, I slowly began to feel better. I have always been interested in fitness and for a time even taught group fitness classes. I had a fairly healthy diet with the occasional treat of a cheat meal/snack, but had never before  had to be so attentive to every single thing I put on my fork. For a few weeks it was easy, but then I began to miss certain foods. I enjoy salad often, but who wants to live solely on green leafy stuff? Not me.  So I began to search for recipes that met my dietary requirements and tasted good to me. These are the recipes I want to share in this category–easy, healthy recipes my family enjoys and do not take lots of time to prepare. Most of them are also easy to prepare just for me if my family wants to order take out or prepare a meal that I should not have.

Although I recovered from Lyme Disease, I still have some residual symptoms that have not completely disappeared and my doctors say this is normal. They may disappear over time or they may not. Unfortunately chronic symptoms are common with Lyme. If I stray too far from the no gluten/low sugar way of eating, I start to feel bad again and my joints hurt. Dairy is completely out of the picture as my body simply can no longer tolerate it. Tick Bourne Illnesses apparently still present a few medical mysteries doctors do not completely understand (at least that’s what I’ve been told). I’m thankful for doctors who are willing to do research to further the cause of helping people heal from Lyme and to help  patients like me live fuller, healthier lives.

Here is the first recipe I want to share as everyone in my family loves it. And it’s so easy!

It is from the site Bowl of Delicious and includes several options within the recipe to meet different dietary needs. My husband and daughter really enjoyed these chicken tenders and I enjoyed easy meal prep and minimal clean up. The author includes a recipe for honey mustard that is yummy and simple, but I just bought a small inexpensive bottle of it at the market. My daughter has grown up in Asia and loves soy sauce on almost everything, so of course she recommends soy sauce for dipping in her strong tween age opinion ❤


Thanks for reading!

❤ , Chrissy


I’ve hesitated to write about Lyme Disease or the recipes that help me feel good because there are so many food blogs out there, but this will just be one category on my blog. Also, I’m happy to feature blogs that have helped me on this journey to feeling well so I can do the things I love. I’m really passionate about fitness and nutrition, even more so after needing to eat a certain way for my health. I hope this can be a blessing and encouragement to you. I am not a medical professional, so anything I share on my blog is not intended as medical advice. I’m just sharing my journey and what has worked well for me personally out of a desire to help others.


2 thoughts on “Easy, Healthy Recipes (starting w/ chicken strips)

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Chrissy. It means more since we know you and it is from personal experience. I have changed my eating for the better to help my body cope with rheumatiod arthritis. God created such variety for us to enjoy. Love you, sister.


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