My Family’s Favorite Salad (Well…one of them)

The other post in this category is for almond flour chicken strips baked in the oven. The dipping sauce for these strips is simply honey mixed with mustard.

In my home, this salad goes with that chicken strip recipe.

I like the honey mustard dipping sauce because it can also be used as a salad dressing. And it doesn’t take that much to enhance the flavor of the salad. I don’t really have a name for it other than what my family calls it: “that salad you make to go with the chicken strips.”

When I lived in South Asia there were no prepared bags of salad so this would have taken more work and I would have made it less often than I do now. But here I can get washed and prepared bags of mixed greens that easily make for the base of a good salad. So I grab one of those, some small cherry tomatoes, and some small snack sized bags of roasted sunflower seeds. Sometimes my grocery has honey roasted sunflower seeds and that’s even better.

It’s as easy as dumping the mixed greens in the bowl, washing the cherry tomatoes and sprinkling them over the greens, and then sprinkling the roasted sunflower seeds over the salad. Finished.

Actually sometimes I add a diced avocado, but only when I can find a ripe one.

Some people in my family used the honey mustard from the chicken strips to drizzle over their salad bowls as a dressing. Some of us prefer olive oil with salt and pepper. Whatever dressing you want really. I just like it that good nutrition doesn’t have to feel complicated or stressful after a long day.

I have to watch my gluten intake, but my family loves it when I pick up a loaf of whole grain bread or rolls from the bakery to go with this meal. Also very easy.

If you make this salad and chicken strip duo, enjoy. I just wanted to share something that my family enjoys eating together.

Thanks for reading!

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