Saturday Morning Pancakes

I haven’t posted a recipe I like in a long while.

Mostly because of online school for my child while trying to continue my own work. It’s doable, but it’s super busy.

My husband loves Saturday morning waffles or pancakes and has his own way he enjoys making them, but here is the recipe I’m using at the moment:

What I like about her recipes is that depending on one’s dietary needs, she usually has several options. And she has options for baking the pancakes so you can make a few at one time if you’re cooking for several people.

We spend lots of time in the kitchen together on Saturday mornings cooking whatever each of us wants and drinking lots of coffee (chocolate milk and cinnamon toast for the youngest one of us ❤ ) and taking life slow.

When the latest lockdown is finished Saturday morning life will probably pick up again, so we’re enjoying this while we can.

Thanks for reading!

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