The Woman in the Elevator. Part 2.

While my idea to distribute gospel tracts in hospital waiting rooms was not a bad one,  my passion was misdirected. Just because something seems like a good idea doesn't mean it's the best choice. Somewhere in the motivations of my heart were genuine desires to please God and engage people with the story of His …

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A New Way to Say Hello

Soran had many years of teaching the local language to foreigners under his belt and was influential in his community. His intelligence was only surpassed by kind-hearted life experience and wisdom. He showed great acceptance and patience in his interaction with people, whether the person was well known in society or a small neighborhood boy, …

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Shajan. Crossing Cultures. Friendship in Layers.

Thinking of this as we get to know people in our new community.

“It’s a sin for me to kill anything so a belief based on something or someone being sacrificed is hard for me to understand”

“If I believe and my family does not we will be separated in the afterlife”

We had finally reached the heart of Shajan’s barriers to believing in Jesus. It had taken years. There are more nuances of South Asian culture revealed in his statements than I have time to explain.

The desire to believe was there and had been for a while—long before we met him.
God had been at work in his life since childhood. So many people had shared the history and love of Creator God’s revelation of Himself to humanity. Shajan had heard the life and mission of Jesus so many times, he used completely accurate illustrations from the Bible to help us learn sentence structures as we studied South Asian language. He…

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When an Anesthesiologist Activated My Sense of Humor

A sense of humor can be such a gift. There have been a few occasions in times of grief when mine was a blessing. A few years ago, there were a number of difficult things happening in our life and work in Asia. The frustrating "waiting game" we were in was indefinite and there were …

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Flagstone Roads & Ordinary Moments

Flagstone streets are my favorite memory of our small community in South Asia. They knit the whole area together, winding through uncountable monasteries and temples. Most of the stones are variations of slate gray sprinkled with occasional hues of brown. I loved the feel and sound of my feet on these roads when the cold, …

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